uTrust MIFARE Classic® Credentials

Identiv’s uTrust MIFARE Classic Credentials are versatile, high-frequency, interoperable, MIFARE-compatible smart cards. 

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Can One Wristband Really Do It All?

Identiv’s 13.56 MHz High-Frequency Wristband Proximity Credential is the perfect access control solution for demanding environments. This waterproof credential can manage access at amusement and water parks, summer camps, sport (i.e., student athletics) and fitness centers, and healthcare environments.

Fast Facts
  • Low cost 13.56 MHz MIFARE solution
  • Available as credit card-sized ID1 and other form factors, including key fobs
  • Genuine NXP MIFARE Classic IC with 320 bytes (MIFARE Classic Mini), 1K bytes, or 4K bytes
  • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A compliance with 4 byte or 7 byte unique identifiers (UID)
  • Provides a larger number of available UIDs (no duplicated UIDs with 7 bytes)
Increased Security, Simpler Migration
  • MIFARE Classic ecosystem access via NXP to multiple applications
  • Increased security compared to magnetic stripe and low-frequency (LF) 125 kHz proximity cards
  • Optional magnetic stripe and/or LF interface for easier migration to a secure credential
  • Includes slot punch marks
  • Secure sectors programming and customization (i.e., card or wristband printing)
  • MIFARE key management is available on demand
Multi-Application Readiness

Identiv’s uTrust MIFARE Classic® Credentials are ideal for MIFARE Classic-compatible applications, such as contactless readers, mobile phones, and card provisioning systems. Typical use cases include physical access control, cashless vending machines, closed-loop payments, fare collection for public transportation, and event ticketing. These credentials can also be used for authentication and convenience in the hospitality industry, such as opening hotel room doors.


Cost-Effective MIFARE Mini

Identiv’s uTrust MIFARE portfolio also includes lower-cost MIFARE Mini Cards (P/N 3510). MIFARE Mini is based on Identiv technology partner NXP’s MIFARE Classic Card Integrated Circuit (IC). MIFARE Mini Cards are ideal for access card users that require the technology of MIFARE Classic Cards yet can fit their applications into 320 bytes and do not rely on a 4 byte UIDs.


Product Collateral for uTrust MIFARE® Classic™ Credentials
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  • uTrust MIFARE® Classic Wristband Data Sheet
  • The Top Ten Reasons Identiv’s Credentials Portfolio Is for You

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