uTrust MD Smart Cards

Designed for converged physical and logical access, uTrust MD Smart Cards are Microsoft Minidriver-compatible, PKI-based credentials. 

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Secure Windows-compatible Access


Based on X.509 digital certificates, these strong-authentication credentials are ideal for computer security applications. The Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP is a cryptographic service provider integrated into Windows, enabling Minidriver-compatible smart cards to support Microsoft-compatible security applications, including Windows Domain Log-On, VPN, Outlook® email signing and encryption, secure web access, and Wireless LAN authentication. Compatibility also ensures support for a variety of smart card management systems (CMS) and Certificate Authorities (CA).The Minidriver module is downloadable during Windows updates or can be installed manually.


Convenient. Affordable.
  • Priced for small-to-medium-sized deployments from 100 to thousands of cards
  • Eliminates multiple credentials and simplifies support
  • Interoperable with existing mini driver-compatible products
  • Open-standard, dual-interface, two-factor authentication
  • No need for expensive software
Identity Management Simplified
  • The state-of-the-art uTrust MD security model leverages smart card technology, PKI, and digital certificates, and features secure data storage, user-based access to data, and worldwide-approved EAL 5+ Common Criteria accreditation.
Supported Services
  • RSA-based data signature and/or encryption (up to 2048-bit)
  • Set/change/unblock PIN via Windows User Interface (UI)
  • Digital certificate enrollment and import
Product Collateral for uTrust MD Smart Cards
  • uTrust MD Smart Card Data Sheet
  • uTrust MD Smartcard: Administration and Usage
  • Minidriver Installers (EXE, MSI)
  • 10 Reasons to Choose Identiv Credentials

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