ME 1500S DM 2D Data Matrix Metal Tag Embosser

The ME1500S DATA MATRIX is an advanced solution for long-lasting industrial marking applications that require automatic data collection and management of a 2D DATA MATRIX code readable by a handheld scanner.

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7 "color touch screen with high resolution

  • The ME1500S DATA MATRIX is equipped with a built-in 7 "WVGA LCD touch screen with simple and easy-to-use icons and buttons. Users can access and manage machine functions by using a multi-level menu in an easy way and intuitive.

IoT (internet of things) Remote access and management

  • Web services: the configuration and operations of the machine can be fully managed remotely via the web or through the use of the VNC (Virtual Networking Computing) client, using a personal computer or other devices connected to the Customer's network.
  • Data transfer: data import/export and machine update can be managed from any device connected to the printer through the Ethernet port using the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) protocol.USB (type A, type B), Ethernet and WiFi

The ME1500S DATA MATRIX can be connected to a personal computer, to load data and start production, or to another device, such as a keyboard, barcode reader or other if required.

The ME1500S DATA MATRIX is capable of producing 2D DATA MATRIXTM codes with human-readable characters. The code can contain up to 64 characters in a variety of matrix sizes to suit any metal label application. You can convert alphanumeric data to embossed 2D DATA MATRIX codes for easy data retrieval and management.

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