M38e Vaccination Workstation

The M38e Vaccination Workstation is a flexible mobile workstation that keeps all of your vaccination supplies and sharps container within easy reach. Its lightweight, slim profile enables you to move easily throughout a clinic, care site, or pharmacy.

Multiple drawer sizes and bin configuration options provide organized and secure storage of vaccination supplies. The M38e Vaccination Workstation features simple ergonomic adjustments, easy maneuverability, easy-to-clean surfaces, and an increased runtime to maintain uninterrupted workflow.



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Key Features

  • Large, expandable work surface for vaccine preparation
  • Multiple drawer, bin and divider options for safe storage of vaccine supplies
  • Sharps container close at hand for safe syringe disposal
  • Intuitive locking and security system
  • Configurable to meet workflow needs
  • Simple manual or electronic height adjustment
  • Slim profile and easy mobility for hospitals, clinics or pop-up care sites
  • Designed for easy cleaning to support infection prevention measures

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