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Durasoft® Tendercare® Laser Wristband/Label with Holes, Tamper Evident, Paper, 2 1/2"x1", Infant/Pedi, White, 16 Labels per Sheet, 4 Pks of 250 Sheets per Case

DuraSoft® TenderCare® Wristband and Labels

16 Labels, 1 Pediatric & 1 Infant Wristbands, 2 Tags, 1 Extender

1000 Sheets/Case

Drop in replacement for LB2-PED-L2

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Durasoft® Laser Patient ID System



Patient identification information is the crucial foundation to patient safety, so shouldn’t it be able to stand the test of time? PDC Healthcare brings you DuraSoft®, a masterpiece in laser patient ID wristbands. With printing that is resilient to fading or smudging and material durable enough to withstand moisture, alcohol and solvents, DuraSoft® will keep other wristbands looking up for inspiration.

  • Ultra-soft and smooth wristband provides patient comfort and durability for up to 15 days
  • The quick and easy application saves staff time to improve workflow
  • Easy drop-in replacement works with your existing laser printer and format
  • Antimicrobial additive protects wristband surface
  • Superior image durability and bar code scan rates
  • Total customization available to meet your exact needs


Using DuraSoft® as part of your electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system can help you meet meaningful use requirements established by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for Electronic Tracking of Medications.

LaserBand® is a registered trademark of Zebra Technologies Corp., which is in no way associated or affiliated with PDC, Precision Dynamics Corporation or Brady Corporation. Reference to the LaserBand® trademark, name, or product line does not imply any co-operation or endorsement.

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