Securline® Blood Wristband

SecurSnap® Closure


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Securline® Blood Band Plus

  • Adhesive Peel-off Tail: Tail has a peel-off self-adhesive feature that applies directly to specimen tubes
  • SecurSnap® Closure: plastic snaps, as opposed to metal snaps, provide greater patient safety, comfort and security
  • Easy-to-Read Data Area: a large, white surface offers clear and easy readability which can help reduce medical errors
  • Efficient Easy-Peel Labels: includes 23 easy-peel labels (more than any other blood band style) for quick ID and tracking of specimens
  • The new DOB field is an additional identifier.
  • Intended for in-patient use. For outpatient use, please order Safeguard Sealident Super Wide 881. Each box comes with one Xtender Band™ for large patients

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