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Securline® Barcode Hybrid Blood Band

Using bar code and serialized alphanumeric codes, the Securline® Bar Code Blood Band accurately matches the right patient to the right blood, ensuring maximum safety throughout the blood transfusion process. It provides unrivaled scalability, safety, and security!

  • Larger font (10pt.)
  • Total of 20 matching labels (8 barcodes/alphanumeric on wristband; 12 bar code/alphanumeric on drawtube tail)
  • Streamlines the blood transfusion process and improves patient safety by reducing human errors related to patient identification
  • Saves time and money by streamlining the patient ID and blood transfusion workflow and minimizes paperwork
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing blood bank system, so there’s no IT
  • Patented dual-purpose, hybrid style lets you handwrite information or use with your LIS label
  • Standardize and consolidate to a single blood band, even if you have multiple labs
  • Downtime solution allows you to handwrite information on the band as a backup method
  • Designed for inpatient or outpatient use
  • The laminate shield protects patient information and bar code from water or solvents for accurate bar code scanning
  • Advanced material resists moisture, alcohol, and hand sanitizer to preserve bar code integrity for accurate scanning
  • V-Notch™ patient ID label ensures proper placement on BD Vacutainer for bar code scanning and visibility of tube color
  • Meets The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal for blood transfusions for a one-person verification system!

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