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Patient ID Wristbands: Trusted by hospitals across the US and Canada


Welcome to our comprehensive range of patient ID wristbands, designed to enhance healthcare processes and ensure utmost patient safety. Our hospital wristbands offer a reliable and efficient way to accurately identify patients, from infants to adults, across various medical scenarios. With features like shield wristbands for extra durability and emergency wristbands for immediate attention, we prioritize patient well-being. Our specialized mother wristbands provide seamless identification for new mothers and their infants, promoting a nurturing environment. Discover the perfect patient wristbands that cater to the unique needs of healthcare facilities, combining convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind.


Ensure accurate patient identification with our high-quality patient ID wristbands. Browse our selection of durable and comfortable wristbands designed to improve patient safety and streamline healthcare workflows.

The security of patients has always been a major concern for the healthcare industry.  Given the complex nature of the challenges faced by Healthcare providers,  the usage of patient ID wristbands is now considered the industry standard. In its essence, a patient ID wristband is a bracelet worn by a patient that contains all of the relevant data required for their care.  

From print-on-demand laser and thermal wristbands to color-coded alert wristbands and snaps, blood bands, and more, Cancard has every patient ID application covered for the entire patient population, from newborn to geriatric. We have wristbands and labels that are compatible with Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and all other leading EMR systems.

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