2D Data Matrix metal tag embosser, metal tag embosser, metal plate embosser

2D Data Matrix Metal Tag Embosser

2D Data Matrix Metal Tag Embosser

2D Data Matrix Barcodes – A more robust tracking and tracing solution

2D Data Matrix Metal Tag Embossers are used to emboss 2D data on a metal surface. The 2D barcode can be read using a dedicated 2D scanner or commonly available barcode applications that can be installed on smart devices. The 2D barcode technology is used in high demanding industrial labeling environments for its error correction and seamless traceability of single parts and processes.

This special 2D barcode has the great advantage of containing a large amount of data within the constraints of the code. Along with dot-peened or embossed eye-readable information, now you can have the next-level tracking and identification features of the 2D code included on your tags.

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