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UPGRADE TO SMARTSYS TABLETOP MACHINE CONTROL SOFTWARE AND GET MORE FEATURES. For even more enhanced capabilities, consider upgrading your Advantage embosser’s to SmartSys Tabletop, the user-friendly, feature-packed batch issuance software.

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The Advantage 2000 series is our tabletop card embosserline with a reputation that stands on its own. The M2 and M3 embossers are both fast and user-friendly embossers that can easily manage heavy card volumes and be configured so that in one quick pass the system canemboss, print, encode, and program a smart card.


Both the Advantage 2000 M2™ and M3™ embossers feature NBS’s industry proven embossing technology, but the system can alsobe configured to add such features as magnetic encoding, smart card, color tipping, indent printing, monochrome thermal printing and automatic card stacking. The M2 and M3 alsosupport all Visa and MasterCard security characters. The M2 and M3 are the ultimate inflexibility as the machines can be configured to meet customer requirements at the time of purchase and upgraded to include additional features as personalization requirements change. Your capital investment is safe since themachine can be upgraded instead of replaced.


The M2 and M3 embossers can be operatedeither online from a host system using its internalformats or connected directly to a PC using theNBS SmartSys™ Tabletop software. SmartSysTabletop software is a powerful Windows®based card design and production package. SmartSysTabletop was developed by NBS and features agraphical interface for easy card design, and jobsetup. The software is not only used for card layout, but also handles input data from a database or data file as well as formatting of cardfields such as encoding, images, text, etc.

Standard Features:

• Keyboard for manual data entry

• 110 character embossing wheel

• Auto feed input hopper (200 card capacity)

• Fully functional control panel

• On-line system software

• Modular design

• RS 232 serial communication interface

• Card counters

• Multiple and repeat function•On-line data analyzer

• LCD display (2-lines, 40 characters)

• Field upgradeable

Optional Features:

• Magnetic encoding:

> 3 track ISO HiCo/LoCo encoder


• Auto unload stacker (200 card capacity)

• Smart card personalization

• Contactless card personalization

• Color tipper

• Indent printing front or rear

• 300 dpi thermal printing